What do the Employers seek in you during a job interview?

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In an event organized by PeopleFirst on 12th March, 2021, there was a panel discussion in the topic, ‘What employers seek in you?. The Panelist were; Bhuban Raj Joshi (Senior HR Official), Bina Rana (Management Consultant at Standard Chartered), and Yuvraj Shrivastav (Chief HR Officer at Ncell). The first question posed at this panel of panelists was; What is the most important Skill/Feature you look for in a job interviewee?

Well, being the experienced HR officials of Nepal’s leading companies/organizations, they had some interesting points to highlight. Interestingly enough, these experts laid out some points that are simple enough but most often are overlooked. Then, what are those things these experts highlighted?

1. Attitude Matters

- The experts are experts for a reason, they can analyze your attitude from the 15 or 30 minutes conversation you have with them during the job interview

- The kind of attitude you demonstrate can greatly affect the result of the interview. So, the attitude you demonstrate can become a great ally or foe for you in your job search journey

- As Albert Einstein has rightly put it into words, ‘Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character’

2. Body Language

- The body language also tells a lot about a person’s habits or personality

- Carry yourself with confidence from the moment you enter that job interview room till you exit it

- Do not slouch, touch your face, and move about unnecessarily

- Do smile, make eye contact, and make hand gestures while talking

3. Character/Impression

- Character represents the inside abilities and how they frame a person as a whole

- Make sure to align your personal values with the company you are seeking to work with

- Politeness is a must during the entire process of the interview

- Be prepared and relaxed so that your character can shine not your anxiety or nerves

4. Energy

- Energy level of a person determines his/her interest in the job itself

- Be attentive the entire time and answer accordingly

- Ask the right questions like the job related questions not clarified in job description provided when it’s your turn to ask

- Express yourself with confidence and finish strongly

5. Technical Skills + Soft Skills

- Technical skills determine if you can do the job or not while soft skills determine how well you can do that job

- Technical skills are the hard skills obtained through academics or vocational training, soft skills can also be gained through training and practice

- The blend of technical and soft skills is what makes a perfect job candidate

6. Value addition

- To determine how the candidate can add value to a specific company/organization, they first need to know about the type of company/organization they are interviewing for and the types of people who work there

- Describe and establish your relation with the type of service/product your employer company sells/provides

- Quantify your previous success and present it

See, the things we hear commonly but ignore most of the times are the ones that are in the constant priority and radar of the employers during the job interview itself. Now, the secret to ace your job interview is here.

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